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"No More Crying" reached 8,063 plays..WOW!

Thank you N1M for featuring my Music.

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Jen Dickson - Dec 17th, 2023


I listened, and as always, it's a really great tune! You are one of a kind!


Pat Ryan - Tues. Nov. 14th

“The Forest Has Spoken”

Hey Laurence, I just saw your music video and it is REALLY good. I love the music and the lyrics and the video is very well timed.

Congrats Bud. You nailed a good one there.
Cheers,  ..Pat


Don LaBossiere- Tue, Aug 2, 

"Somewhere, Sometime"

Man!! Another winner, I am sure it will resonate with any audience. Your lyrics are top shelf, well constructed with dynamic word play!! A HIT for sure.


N1M - More songs coming your way… 

** Leslie - Honestly you are amazing, your music is amazing, had to come here to write this. I've already shared your page on my twitter!

 ** Tim   (365940b4e1686d...@mail-forwarding-service.net via n1m.org )

Hey - "No More Crying (when I Play The Blues)".  It is fantastic!!! I've been listening all morning.

** Efren Chaney  (charez@live.com via n1m.org)

"Like "NO MORE CRYING (WHEN I PLAY THE BLUES)" and noticed your music immediately" 

** Roshel   (84c87829cf0259...@mail-forwarding-service.net via n1m.org) 

"I never get bored this tune No More Crying (When I Play the Blues). I love this tune so much and Thanks for producing this track".


**  New Song ~ "HOLD UP IN CAMERON, ARIZONA" / Written about a Friend's Vacation in the U.S.A.  Comments about the song:

To: Laurence Venne (On FB / Messenger).

"Hey Laurence, I think (my wife) Gwen might cry. She loves the song! Great Song, You got skills dude. I don't think Arlo Guthrie could have sang it better or composed it better"...

 ** New Release ~ Original Song: "There's No Tomorrow" 

To: Buddy & Friends Studio  / Laurence Venne 

"What a prolific song writer, always delivering intriguing songs that draw you in! His inspiration is probably the reflection of a life time of rich memories. Very interesting fellow who shares a message with his listeners.  I have already replayed this song a few times like I do for all his songs. Kudos to his prose! "

** New Release ~ Original Song & Video: "The Tropical Café " 

To: Buddy & Friends Studio / Laurence Venne 

Well, this is one of the most intricate prose he has weaved into a great and challenging melody superbly delivered by the interpreter. I am no expert but, it is not an easy song to interpret. He undeniably has a creative way to layer lyrics and melodies… 

 ** New Original Song: "I Sang About Pain" 

To: Buddy & Friends Studio / Laurence Venne 

Tell Laurence I wish I had written it. Great F*****G Song!

** New Release ~ Original Song & Video: "Can't Make it Happen (Blues)"

 Debbie Welygan

Awesome song Laurence! Great lyrics! You got some talent there!! : ) 

Cheryl Homan 

Great song - love the lyrics. 

Nykii Nykii 

Great song..... love it. Please provide more. 

Lurline Brown 

Love it. Great lyrics Laurence  


Hey we love it! Sounds great...I think it's your best. Love the tune and the lyrics. Make sure you show those beautiful blues more and look at us through the camera! 

Juanita Yuill 

Great work ...wonderful to see you out in the world sharing your talents 

Cher Saretzky 

Awesome! Keep up the great music, Laurence. 👏👏👏😂 

Bob Cartwright 

Excellent song Laurence. ❤️ 

Shelley Krook 

Love it! 

J M P 

What an interesting little ditty there Laurence. Glad you're enjoying writing and playing so much. :) 

Pat Ryan Music 

Good one Laurence. Very catchy. 

 Geoff Stevenson 

Great tune! 


Great tune buddy, keep it up 


You sound great, Look great!! I enjoyed this very much 😍 

Lynn Victoria 

Cool tune! 

Abstract Fitness 

very good song Laurence:) 

Doug Clayton 

Cool song ! 

Joseph Fear 

Sounds great. CATCHY... GOOD JOB 

Randy Wheeler 

Hi Laurence: I thought it was a really good tune. I thought the video could improve a bit, ie like more eye contact with the camera you could do a great Laurence vis a vis Kristofferson look.