Now What?

My new CD ~ "Non-Stop to Texas", featuring "Copper Country"

CD ~ "Non-Stop to Texas"

Including: Heading (Non-Stop) to Texas, (Hold up in) Cameron Arizona, Blame it on the Rum, Four Grey Walls, One Step Behind, He Reminds Me of You, Down in old Los Gatos, Sometimes I Feel, I'll Move On, Terquila & Mexican Music.,

A 10 song, Country Rock collection featuring Megan Levesque, Lori Lousier, Michelle Sander and Monica Tracey. Plus many great local artists. Call or message  for your copy. $15.00 

Carson's new Song ~ "Borderline"

"1. Beautiful Noise" A Canadian Music Showcase, featured by Gerry Jack Macks. Friday, June 3rd - A tribute to the late, great Ronnie Hawkins. PLUS ~

My music was also included on this momentous Showcase. Thank you to Gerry for including me! Check it out...

2. "Non-Stop to Texas"   New CD from "Copper Country", with songs like "Heading to Texas", "Blame it on the Rum", Hold up in Cameron, Arizona" and & seven more...Expected completion by August 1st. Stay Tuned!

Approximate Release ~ August 1st / 2022