A few of my favorite original tunes...

Mississippi Mudslingers 

 Scrambled Egg Blues

 Rivers Rising Blues

 Blues Heaven

 Old Tin Cup Blues

 Monkey Tree Blues

 (Trouble is) It Ain't the Blues

 Juke Joint Junkie 

An Ace and a Jack

Is There a Reason? 

I'm a Bandito

Down in Old Los Gatos

Sorry Folks We're Closed (Blues)

Little Red Cabana

I Sang About Pain

I'll Move On

Just a Humble Girl

Gone Without a Word

Country in my Blood

and more..



Lonestar Cafe 

Four Grey Walls

 I Was Afraid

An Old Dirt Road

Born of the Water

Fires of Love

Pretty Yellow Dress

 (I'll Give it) One More Try

 Texas and Back

 Fire Star

 When the Wind Whispers

She Reminds me of You

A Haunting Melody

Nothing More than Memories

(Tonight) I Feel the Need for Love

Over the Rocky Mountains

Blame it on the Rum

Hold up in Cameron, Arizona

 Somewhere, Sometime

One Step Behind 

Wandering Eye