Brought to you in LIVING COLOR...

L. E. Venne ~ Words Become your Poem

L. E. Venne ~ Born of the Water 

Monica Tracey ~ A New Day Coming

Laurence Venne ~ Dreaming Dreams (Under the Palm Tree)

Laurence Venne ~ Mississippi Delta Express

Haven Lynch ~ Wandering Eye

L. Venne ~ The Forest Has Spoken

Lori Lousier ~ He Reminds me of You

L.E. Venne & Lori Lousier ~ Sometimes I Feel

Laurence Venne ~ "Four Grey Walls"

Laurence Venne ~ "One Step Behind"

Laurence Venne ~ "Blame it on the Rum"

Michelle Sander ~ "I'll Move On"

L. Venne & the Juke Joint Junkies ~ "No More Crying"

The Bourbon Breeze Band ~ Heading to Texas

Monica Tracey ~ Addicted to You

L. E. Venne ~ Can't Make it Happen (Blues)

Susan Ruuska ~ Tropical Cafe

Carson Venne ~ Someone you Loved {Angel Awards}

L. Venne ~ I'm Just Trippin

Chris Patton ~ I'm Still Loving You

Monica Tracey ~ A Love Song

Teena Gowdy ~ Warm Upon My Skin